You may request items from my closet or person for personal worship. Email to order. 

For custom requests, please submit via contact us. 

Photos- $5 for wallets/4x6; $10 poster size; $20 calender, $30 pillow cases. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

Panties- $40 for one pair worn 15-24 hours. 

Stockings/Pantyhose- $25-$50 for one pair worn 15-24 hours.

Socks- $25 for one pair worn 15-24 hours. 

Shoes- Ranges $30-$100 depending on type. 

Toys- Ranges $50-$150 depending on type. 

Costumes- Ranges $30-$150 depending on type. 

Tributes Hades Playground offers sessions in half hour increments. Multiple dommes, couples, and beginner sessions available. Combination of sessions and varying degrees of each (mild to severe) are discussed during initial interview, which usually occurs prior to 1st sessions. 

Live Sessions                                                                                 Donate

1/2 Hour - $175

1 Hour   -  $300

2 Hour   -  $575

3 Hour   -  $850

Social Time- Any time outside session, including discussion, events, dinner, or shopping. 




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